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Goerge Bernad Shaw's Pygmalion Term Papaer Essay

Goerge Bernad Shaw's Pygmalion Term Papaer - Essay Example Even belonging to the middle stratum of society, Shaw was the torch-bearer for the cause of the poor and suppressed section of society, and studied socialism as the philosophy that aimed to diminish social injustice and inequality from society. It is therefore the ray of class conflict and exploitation of the proletariat at the hands of the bourgeoisie can be felt in almost all his writings and plays. He was a highly learned and intellectual person, and contained both seriousness and burlesque attitude while entering into social interaction with others as well as while creative a piece of literature. He applied his sense of humor and irony in all his plays, to address the faults and shortcomings prevailing in society, which present the most sublime precedent of satire in the modern drama.

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